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Web-enabled Database Essay Example for Free

Web-enabled Database Essay To keep certain information in a corporation, many different set ups are planned and followed so that the data may remain intact and secure as these data information of various departments are pretty essential to keep the flow of work steady and at a proper pace. So, once this information is stored the next step is to make sure that it is safe and can be retrieved whenever required without creating any problems. So, to deal with such circumstances where data retrieval can be required at anytime a production business or a firm must comprise of an appropriate database management system. Database management systems are necessary because today every thing is computer based and all the data and information is stored, circulated and modified through its use, therefore database management system are quite necessary in running an organization without hindrances. Database management systems are either software based which require a certain certified software program which can be installed in the PC to make it work in the company while the other kind is the internet or the web-based or web-enabled database management system. It is a suitable process that is applied many conglomerate corporations and big businesses producing efficient and rapid results. The background of internet-based instruction is altering due to the union of the internet and database servers. This paper looks at and describes some of the characteristics, purpose, and interoperable features of Web-enabled databases as they are improving the internet-based instruction by providing advantages to many users (Scamell Umanath, 2007). Database and Web-Enabled Database: A database contains properly planned collection of data for various functions and is mostly in digital figure. A method of making categories in database is through their matter like bibliography, records and calculation purpose. Digital databases work is carried through the use of Database Management Systems which is software that is installed in the PC to help in storing data, allowing data forming, and maintenance. Database programs are software applications anticipated for customers to make databases and produce all the programming required to fill them or get rid of them as wished. The display of a database is like a table of a spreadsheet, which consists of rows and columns of records. The columns categorize the characteristics in the table, and the rows are the documentations of the respective data. These tables one way or another look precisely like a spread sheet though the database tables can be influenced and updated in a manner that usually spreadsheets can not perform, and because of this characteristic it crafts a database into a exceedingly significant device (Scamell Umanath, 2007). While, since the internet has become a major part of our lives so it is being used in almost every work due to speed, reliability and easy access with out any problems so database management systems also got modernized in shape of web-enabled database. Web-enabled or web-based database smooth the progress of virtual society to converse, find sources for database queries, convey immediate reaction, and modify instructional progressions however it can also be described as a system that makes the availability of central administration of resources, online records compilation, online arithmetical examination, and mutual investigation. The web enabled database varies from a local database as it is installed in a personal computer or its connected storage, for instance a CD. Therefore it benefits the corporation in managing their data in a proper and efficient way so that no mishap can occur once the data is required urgently. Layers of Database planning: Any database system, be it web-enabled or non-web enabled, requires proper arrangements for operation and these arrangement which are an integral part of the system are usually known as layers. There are three layers of database management system or planning known as external, conceptual and internal. The primary feature of the Relational Database Model passed in 1969 by Edgar Frank Codd as First-Order Predicted Logic invented these three layers for the data base management system and this feature stills controls the 21st century databases systems which are enhanced due to the feature of internet in them. The reasons for designing these layers are appropriate working of the database system and in a proper sequence because sequencing in data storage is essentially required plus it does not create any mix ups that might lead to data lost in future. The external layer explains the process and procedure that how the customers or users should understand the relationship of the data. Any particular data file or document might contain a certain amount of readings, records or observation at external layer. When it comes to the design of the internal level or layer the purpose of internal layer is to provide a clear picture of the actual storage of data and its development by the computer system. Basically the planning of internal layer concerned with expenses, arrangement, scalability and other certain essential objects of data packets installed or used by the clients (Scamell Umanath, 2007). While the layer that amalgamates or connects the previous layers i. e. internal and external is the conceptual layer. It supplies a general examination of the database by providing a clear view of the company’s data is storage or supervision, and it can merge the various external views into a reliable data. In these all three layers active directory makes available of a hierarchical data reorganization space. Every data object is exclusively recognized in the database by its entity identification quality, called the Relative Distinguished Name (RDN). The relative distinguished name when joined with other major components frames the objects Distinguished Name (DN). The database stores the RDN of every data object plus an indication to the main source object so that database layer can tag on these parent indications and concatenates the following RDN to construct DN. A chief purpose of the database layer is to interpret each DN into a numeric arrangement called the DN tag, which is used for all internal accesses. Reasons for introduction of web enabled database: When the internet became an essentially used component in the computers it was believed that more people would head towards internet based software due to easy access and reliability. So the database software were also introduced for web-based working so that people can use them instead of the installed software, it was due to the fact that if internet is constantly being used in the company everyday so using the web-enabled database would be cheap and reliable as no space in hard disk would be used but the one that is virtually allocated to the user (Scamell Umanath, 2007). Also, for small or local companies it is difficult to install and to afford the price of the database management software as they are quite expensive due to certified and authorized. An example of it can be given through this illustration that a corporation might already bring into play a constant link for email and web-browsing, and be in a site to take advantage of it further for a web-enabled database because if it opts for the selection of database software than almost a figure of ? 10,000 per annum, as per financial plan, would be required for to install and program it which would also be used to check emails and internet usage if desired however the precise figure will depend a lot on the quantity of transfer and usage of the database the company wishes the site to produce. So, this is quite an expensive amount for small scale industries and businesses which do not produce a lot of revenue, therefore keeping in mind the situations these companies might face the web-based or web-enabled database were initiated. Also apart from small industries these databases are also used in schools for keeping the proper record of the student body admitted in school since it got established therefore schools cannot afford such expensive software which are basically constructed for the large scale businesses and corporations. Thus in these circumstances people take the options of selecting the web-based database due to easy access and result, these database are also sometimes referred to the search engines which are used all over the internet and provide easy and fast results so same is with the output of the web-enabled database (Scamell Umanath, 2007). Differences between web-enabled database and non web-enable database: When it comes to the distinguishing of both categories of databases the basic and the primary difference is the internet usage. In web-enabled databases the internet is the base on which the whole database is established while the ones which are non web-enabled are software based however they do provide the access to the internet for various reasons. But there is a great deal of difference between software which is installed in the hard disk for usage and the one which is available on the World Wide Web for benefiting results and availability. So, when it comes to the point of availability, the non-web based databases have higher availability as they are installed in the computer and can be run any time however in case web-enabled database the availability same as non web-enabled database if the connection of internet is available through out and no problems occur during the connectivity because for the web-based database internet connection is essential and a fast one, to be clear. So availability of both the databases are some how the same depending upon the situation the user is in as some might go against web-enabled databases due to poor network connectivity. As far as backup is concerned, web-enabled databases are recommended due to the reason that any system failure or hard disk crash can lead to a loss in non web-enabled databases unless there is a storage device apart from the hard disk space, while web-enabled database have a virtual space or backup due to which the data is safe so priority goes to the web enabled database over the non web-enabled database in case of backups. However the recent development in the database software is this that now back up plan is also available in the software CDs so this might overcome this weakness (Scamell Umanath, 2007). Performance and compatibility of recent software based database has improved a lot due to development in research of making the software applications reliable and efficient however the more fast they are the more space they require in the hard disk, so it eventually affects the computer’s speed of work unless the system is sort of a super computer. In this case the web-based database are recommended, noted that the network speed should be fast enough to run the program, as the space is allocated virtually and no need of over sized data is required in the PC. Internet connection can have a major affect on the performance of web-enabled database as any uploading might slow down or even get cancelled due to poor speed so once a user is following the web-based databases then he or she should make certain if the network speed is supportive. The selection of development team is more reliable in software based database installed in the computer because any changes in the software can be made however this feature is not very common in the internet based database as the only purpose is to provide the database technology via internet usage and the user cannot make any changes in the software which is on the internet while any changes can be made in the one which is installed in the PC so for the selection of team for its development the better is the installed software as the development team can make the changes which the require and this cannot be done in web-enabled database. Security on internet is a confusing term because most of the people go against the fact that internet is secure in safe guarding the data while the database providers go against it as they believe that firewall has a lot of effects but due to the presence of hackers in all places the internet based databases are not recommended for big corporations as it is better safe than sorry for them, therefore if compared then installed software is more reliable in security as the user can have all the authorities in placing the privacy and security(Scamell Umanath, 2007) . Therefore web-enabled database are somehow better but not always a person can rely on them as security reasons are very essential for data storage. Conclusion: The amalgamation of the database servers develop Web-based instruction by offering advantages to the small scale industries and other users who cannot afford expensive database software applications for storing and sequencing the data as per the requirement and necessity. References: Scamell, R. W. Umanath, N. S. , (2007), Data Modeling and Database Design, 1st edn, Course Technology, USA

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