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Language, Integration, Education, Mental Health, And...

CHALLENGES: LANGUAGE, ACCULTURATION, EDUCATION, MENTAL HEALTH, AND IMMIGRATION Latinos constitute the single largest minority in this country with a population of over 55 million. There is not, however, a prototypical Latino individual due to that community’s extensive diversity in terms of culture, economics, education, ethnicity, and religion. Latinos and their families must confront numerous challenges. While an assumption might be that immigration would be a prime concern, a majority of Latinos instead believe that education is their main challenge followed by economic and job-related concerns, medical care, and then immigration. A number of specific challenges can be identified, including language, acculturation, education and limited Supplemental Educational Services (SES), mental health, and immigration. While they all are related to each other, the order of their listing does not reflect their relative significance. Language is vital for any minority. Although most Latinos speak Spanish, Brazilians have Portuguese as their language. Newly arrived immigrants mostly use Spanish while second and third generation Latinos might be bilingual or speak English exclusively. Language is so essential since it directly impacts attaining education and employment as well as enhancing family cohesion. Culture is imparted via language. Accordingly, parents whose primary language is Spanish or Portuguese might compel their offspring to use their native language. Thus, deciding onShow MoreRelatedImmigration Is The Strongest Forces That Has Shaped Recent History1281 Words   |  6 PagesThere has been a dramatic rise in im migration in the past 30 years. The new immigrant families are more linguistically, socioeconomically, ethnically diverse than previous immigrant families. Immigrants face more stressors today than in previous years. Counselors need to be aware of the many differences and the many struggles that today s immigrants face. Keywords: Immigrants, stressors, struggles Group Counseling with Immigrants Thirteen million refugees and about 100 million immigrantsRead MoreDiversity in the United States1647 Words   |  7 PagesPart One The United States population continues to increase in racial and ethnic diversity, therefore, it is pertinent that mental health professionals tailor their services to the needs of various cultural populations (Constantine, Kindaichi, Arorash, Donnelly, Jung, 2002). The awareness that ethnic minorities experience negative consequences from being oppressed, resulted in the multicultural competence pedagogy and has helped counselors identify effective strategies to generate social changeRead MoreThe Success of Taiwanese Immigrants1519 Words   |  7 Pagescame into the U.S for higher education, but then decided to stay or migrate whether because of family that was already there, or the job opportunities they had in America, or for their children, etc. and were successful in leaving an economic impact in America and started living an American lifestyle, but as some other Asian Immigrants, with some resentment and prejudice by others, they had also brought their own tradition. The point of this paper is to show the immigration of the Taiwanese and theRead MoreMy Family As A Multi Cultural Community1290 Words   |  6 Pagessituations as my family did in the predominantly White neighborhood that we all lived in. Over half of the individuals in the community embraced the diversity, while it was evident that the other half of the community was not coping well with the integration. A few microinsults they received were harsh stares, individuals moving away from them in restaurants, and even having parents tell their children to not play with my friend and her siblings at the park. According to Sue, D., Rasheed, M., RasheedRead MoreEssay about The Effect of Ayslum Policy on Social Exclusion in the UK2303 Words   |  10 PagesThe Effect of Ayslum Policy on Social Exclusion in the UK This essay will discuss what asylum policy is, and how it has increased levels of social exclusion in the UK, where I will use specific examples from health and housing. Though, first, one must understand the term asylum seekers which applies to someone who has applied for asylum in this country, their application has been accepted as worthy of consideration and is being processed. In comparison, a refugee isRead MoreImmigrants and Health Care Essay2622 Words   |  11 PagesBiddle 2006). That is, immigrants entering these countries are typically healthier than native-born citizens. Yet, although a clear health gap separates native-born Canadians from new immigrants, it gradually dissipates to the point where the two groups exhibit similar levels of health (McDonald Kennedy, 2004). Why people who have consistently enjoyed high levels of health for much of their lives would experience such a marked decrease is rather puzzling, but two major contributing factors have beenRead MoreThe University Of Auckland T Ā Maki Campus Essay2336 Words   |  10 Pagesundergraduate students are enrolled in either Medical and Health Sciences and the Sciences faculty, whereas the postgraduate students are involved in research. The two main research themes at the campus are Health Innovation and Biodiversity and Biosecurity Innovation. The health innovation aspect is primarily focused on the School of Population Health and the Faculty of Science, this includes the study of Pacific health, health systems, MÄ ori health (Kaupapa MÄ ori research) and epidemiology. The biodiversityRead More The Effects of Globalization on Social Work Practices Essay1835 Words   |  8 Pagesminority groups due to exclusion from the labour market (Dominelli and Khan, 2000). Dominelli (2010) reported that in order for the UK to bail out the banks during the 2008 financial crisis, public expenditure and welfare provisions were cut in health and education and subsequently income support was reduced. There have been implications on social work practice a result of globalisation. Due to a greater availability of rapid transport it has become easier to cross borders. This brings new socialRead MoreU.S. Born Children With Immigrant Parents2468 Words   |  10 PagesChen New York University Abstract There are lots of different types of families in America because of its diversified culture. Children grew up in different families may be influenced by different elements including family, education, community and so on. U.S.-born children with immigrant parents are facing much more challenges from the very beginning of their life than children with American parents. The society which as a whole system includes several layers impactng each otherRead MoreMy Field Placement Will Be At Child Protective Services2030 Words   |  9 Pageschildren living in the most disadvantaged communities, including those living in extreme poverty or those living with caretakers who are unable or unwilling to care for them due to chronic problems of substance abuse, mental health disorders, or domestic violence. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010) Community Resources and Structure The prevention services required to patronage the target population of Child maltreatment and neglect should exemplify the best practice in effective interventions

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